Saturday, May 4, 2019

Motivation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Motivation - Research Paper Example eon the growth needs accept, needs to know and understand, self-actualization and aesthetic needs.These are the most fundamental and important needs, and they mustiness be met first before one is motivated for other aspirations. These needs comprise the basic needs, which include sustenance, shelter, and garments. Individuals cannot perform well if they have not taken food. For example, a student who has not taken make grow first or supper has difficulties in concentrating in class. This is because his mind is thinking of how he impart get food to satisfy his need for hunger. Owing to this, various schools have started programs where food is given to students or offered at an low-priced price for them to meet this need. It is appropriate for individuals or students to be provided with shelter or a home. This is a remainder place relax after their days work. Schools have ensured that they provide the students with hostels where students go to unwind after their study. Finally, clothing is necessitated to meet physiologic requirements. It is due to this reason students are provided with uniforms because learning cannot take place when people are naked (Griffin and Moorehead, Pg 92).This is the second category of needs that individuals are motivated to meet after the realization of physiological needs. Safety needs are those that make a person feel free from natural, mental, and emotional harm. security measures needs are the needs met when people feel that their fears and anxieties are suppressed. The school ensures physical needs are meet by provision of tight security around the school, typically in form of guards who will ensure that strangers cannot harm the students. Discipline committee ensures that the freshmen do not experience bullying this ensures the realization of their physical needs. Mental harm is reduced by ensuring that the timetable is not clashing

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