Monday, May 6, 2019

Effect of Exercise on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate Essay

deed of Exercise on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate - Essay ExampleTo find verboten more about the effects of exercise on pulse position and blood contract, an experiment was conducted. It was through by using two participants. Despite having the same age and gender, Person 1 is a 24-year quondam(a) male who is 57 tall and 140 pounds. On the other hand, Person 2 is a 24-year anile male who is 510 tall and 195 pounds. To effectively study them, they were engaged in a mild exercise (10-minute walk) and restless exercise (10-minute jumping). By using appropriate materials, the pulse rate and blood pressure were measured before, during and afterward the experiment. The differences in the results were used to determine the effects of exercise on pulse rate and blood pressure. eon conducting this experiment, many materials were used. These included a stopwatch and digital pulse cuff and blood pressure which were of cover used for recording the results to determine the changes in the blood pressure and pulse rate realized so far. The stopwatch was used for measuring time. From the analysis of the results, it was established that the exercise had resulted into an increase in blood pressure as well as pulse rate. The more vigorous the exercise was, the more the change in pulse rate. Because of these changes, it took some time for everything to turn back to normal after the end of the experiment.From these findings, it is clear that somatic exercise has a direct on the pulse rate of a human being. It is for this reason that the same changes were experienced when the experiment was carried out. However, as found out from the recordings, the degree of change in pulse rate directly depends on the intensity of the exercise that is conducted (Wohlfahrt and Farazdaghi 168). For instance, when the participants engaged in walking exercises, there was a sensitive change in their pulse rates. However, this was not the same when the participants got involved in more vigor ous exercises such(prenominal) as jumping on a rope.

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