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Money Transactions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Money Transactions - Essay ExampleWhile focusing specifically on the proceedings adopt of bills, this paper is aimed at examining the relationship between the following rate and gold motivation in the context of a general assumption held by the financial experts that the legal proceeding take in for money may be interest elastic. In this regard the issues related with the interest elasticity of transactions demand for money are discussed to have deep agreementableness of the issue.In order to find come forth the evidences about the interest elasticity of the transactions demand for money it is imperative to have deep understanding of the concept of transactions demand for money and its relationship with interest rate within a food market. The transactions demand for money could be denoted by M or Lt that refers to the volume of money that is required to hit the financial expenditures. The par of exchange is a crucial element for the transactions demand of money. Accordi ng to the equation of exchange M * v = P * Y. In this equation the Lt or M stands for the transactions demand for money, v is the velocity of the money, P refers to the GDP deflator whereas Y represents the real income.The relationship between the transactions demand fo... ionship between the transactions demand for money and the interest rate possesses great authoritative from the perspective that states that on that point is a pressure to economize on ones transactional case balance and this pressure is originated from the rate of interest. The carriers of the transactions money used to buy bonds and also pay fee and brokerage services and as a consequence they expect high return on their money due to interest rate. In a market the higher is the interest, the more people get as a final return for their money. Due to this reason most of the households use the transaction money to get benefit from the high place of interest and for this decide they make investments in bonds etc . (Nouriel Backus, p6, 1998)The relationship between transaction money demand and interest rates has been a major concern for the economists for a long period of time. The transactions demand is believed to be interest elastic because the interest rate and the transactions demand are closely linked with each other. The bearer of the cash strived to take maximum benefit from the money he holds and in such situation the proportion balance of money is held. In the transactions demand of money the holder has to deal with the Marginal address as well as with the Marginal revenues. The marginal cost is the interest that has to be certainly compensable by the holder and the marginal revenue is the psychological interest rate that is earned by the holder of money due to overcoming the worries that he might face about non having cash money in hand. It is believed by he economists that the more income a person earns, the more cash he might holds and more he became in a position to afford t he loss of interest (Robert, p2, 2007).There are two important implications associated with interest

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