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Lord Of The Flies Passage Anal :: essays research papers

Golding uses chapter eight to show the changes within Ralph and Piggy. The experience on the island has caused them to board early, and Golding develops this maturity in order to provide the reader with a believable story and memorable characters. He develops the characters through vivid details, distinct diction, simple syntax, and choke off figurative language. Golding uses detail to show Ralphs change from a civil leader to a mindless savage. When Ralph sits and pokes holes in the sand, he is surprised to see blood. He examines his nail and is interested, not concerned, about the blood. He originally was disgusted at the site of blood. This act shows his savage-like fascination with blood. Piggys development is too pendent on Goldings use of detail. Within this passage, Piggy wipes off his glasses twice. There is a sense of paranoia and urgency in this act. Piggy wishes to disconnect from human race and does not want to admit to himself or Ralph their desperate situation. Pi ggy was originally the voice of reason in the novel. This simple act, however, shows he is changing into an unadmitting fool because he chooses not to see reality due to fear. The use of diction is also vital to the development of the characters in Lord of the Flies. The passage opens with Ralph smudging the sweat from his face with a dirty forearm. This conveys to the reader an exhausted boy who is at wits end. The words smudging, sweat, and dirty, connote savagery, and they show Ralphs animalistic characteristics coming out. He has changed from a polished, civilized boy to a dirty savage since the arrival on the island. Ralph also runs around the fire holding up his hair when he realizes that most of the boys have joined Jack. This reference to hair shows the savagery in Ralph, as opposed to his clean-cut original appearance. Syntax is another technique used by Golding to further develop the characters. The frequent use of dashes, fragments, and simple sentences remind the reader that although they are encountering a very complex situation, the characters are still simple-minded children. It also shows the characters fragmented thoughts and fears. Originally, Ralph was a well-spoken leader, but in this passage, Golding shows he is a scared creature through syntax. Figurative language is employed by Golding passim the novel to develop plot and characters. In this passage, the most vivid figurative language is in the final paragraph.

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John as Role Model for Husbands in The Yellow Wallpaper -- The Yellow W

Modern day feminists enjoy looking into the past to find examples of female oppression. This tactic is employed in the hopes of demonstrating that oppression of their sex by the evil male populous has been going on for decades. One such work that is cited by feminists to showcase just how awesome women were treated in the first part of the twentieth century is Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The icteric Wallpaper. Feminists are quick to point out that the principal(prenominal) character in this written report is driven down the path of insanity by her uncaring husband. It is of their opinion that fundament, the main characters husband, consistently neglects her by keeping her locked away upstairs. Other feminists argue that the main character was not actually insane, rather, she was pushed into a temporary state of delirium as a result of the state of confinement that her husband subjected her to. These same feminists impart say that Johns consistent misdiagnosis of his wifes condit ion smacks of incompetence. It is their theory that if the main character were a man during this same period of time, doctors would have treated the condition differently. In different words, men were not diagnosed with hysteria and bedridden for three months when they became depressed. As mentioned before, this is what some modern day feminists think. This is in stark contrast to the interpretation by us modern day realists. John was a good husband that cared deeply about his wifes condition. He is described at the beginning of the story as cosmos a physician in high standing (The Norton Anthology, p. 658). This description alone offers deep insight into what kind of treatment his wife was receiving. It is hard to imagine that any(prenominal) woman who is married to an extremely prominent doct... ...he would have taken that golden opportunity to flee the so-called dungeon that her husband had created for her. It can only be assumed that she enjoyed the prison that she created f or herself since she didnt flee at any moment of opportunity. In summary, John should be championed as a role model for all draw a bead on husbands. He consistently showed complete devotion and concern for his wife throughout the story. He did everything within his power to make sure that she would have an expedited recovery from her ailments. John bent over backwards to ensure that all of his wifes needs were taken care of. Leave it to modern day feminists to find harm in that. Bibliography Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. The Yellow Wallpaper. The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Ed. Nina Baym. Fifth Edition, Volume 2. W.W. Norton & Company, New York. 1998. P. 657-69.

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The Road Not Taken Essay -- essays research papers

Choices of LifeAll people are travelers, all choosing their paths on a map of their life. The great thing about spell for Frost is that he has the power of standing still where he is. There is never a straight road there are al counsels curves and turns in which one must encounter and act upon. Readers can interpret the poem The Road Not Taken in many ways. It is a persons past, present and the way one see things, which determines their choices and paths they follow. This poem shows how Frost believes that it is the road that you choose that makes you the person you are. Decisions are always hard to make. It is impossible not to wonder what would have happened in front you made your decision and what could have happened after you made your decision. Frost shows this in the line And sorry I ...

Comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Essay -- essays research pa

Comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther pooveDuring the 20th century Black people faced a huge do of discrimination from the snowys and found it very difficult to achieve civilian rights. They were at one stage deprived of voting, beingness entitled the same things as blacks and outlet to a white school. In order for blacks to achieve civil rights they really needed someone to follow, they needed a leader. Many black leaders did put out for the fight for civil rights, such as, Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, some had some ways of thinking some had others. Two of the most powerful and influential leaders of the twentieth century were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. These two leaders had different approaches, and different views towards white people, perhaps their different approaches of violence and non-violence stem from their original opinions of how capable the whites are of being good, but fought for the same thing. Freedom. These great leaders came from vastly different backgrounds which is shown in their thinking on life, especially early on. Martin was a Christian from the boorish south, whilst Malcolm had become a Muslim from the urban north. King called for love of your neighbor, integration and nonviolence, which was variance of his Ameri prat Dream. Malcolm X called for self-love, separation, and by any means necessary, which was part of his Black nationalism. Throughout their lives their views were constantly changing, largely affected by each other, but also by the many events in their lives. Malcolm X forced King to become a lot radical and to look into the problems of the urban north. King made X become more politically active and work much more with the Civil Rights Movement. Although many have often said that they were like oil and water, these two men, yet different they may have seemed to be, had the same goal. They treasured to end exploitation, discrimination and racism. Also, for both, religion was primary in defining their lives and ideals. There are two distinct phases in their political lives. For King, the change in his expectation came when he looked at the social problems of the urban slums, and the extent of racism of his previous allies. This turning point came with the riots in Watts, Los Angeles. For Malcolm X, the major change came when he broke from the Nation of Islam and went on his trip to Mec... ...ithin the white communities. This is important because it shows that it is possible for whites and blacks to work together for a single cause. It leaves hope that maybe one day, all traces of racism can disappear and leave behind a united society in which everyone can work together for the good of the country.So overall Martin Luther King was much more educated then Malcolm X. He had seen life the easy way compared to Malcolm. Martin Luther King hadnt been through what Malcolm had been through, while Malcolm x was busy being a criminal, Martin Luther King was busy doing his Ph.D. Malcolm X spent about ten years of his life in jail, which in that time he learned to hate the white man, his belief towards whites was they were blue-eyed devils. I think towards the end King became more radical because he became more critical of the government, mainly because King had seen laws being passed and civil rights being achieved politically but still socially he felt that black people hadnt achieved civil rights. The case for Malcolm X is not however the same, while his journey to Mecca Malcolm finds out there are white Muslims, therefor discover that not all white people are devils.

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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Essay example -- Literary Analysis, Ernest

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway is a simplistic short story in which he narrates a scene in a Cafe, where the main characters are two waiters and an old man. In the story, Hemingway hardly created a background for his characters, but this was part of his minimalist writing style. He precious to create a story that was straightforward to the renderer, and in which the reader could easily understand his attitude. His purpose for writing the story was to bankrupt his feelings on society, politics, and the individual at the time. These feelings could be characterized by three main words desperation, disillusionment, and l angiotensin converting enzymeliness. Through all of the characters in his story, the reader was able to obtain one of these feelings. However, when I read the story I wanted to know more about the characters to be able to leave a connection with them. I wanted to know how and why did each of them acquired those feelings? Therefore, I decided to chang e the point of view of the story from third- person- limited to first- person. Unlike Hemingway, I included more individualised details about one of the main characters, in this case the old man, whom I consider to be the most(prenominal) mysterious character of the three. This way, I could vex the reader relate more to the emotions conveyed by the story. Consequently, by showing the reader the old mans background, I made Hemingways attitude of his original story stronger, and also establish a connection between the reader and the character(s). However, I also had to modify some of the plot, and language to make my scene coherent and relevant to my point of view.The most drastic change I made to Hemingways short story was the change of point of view from third- person- limited to first -per... ...When I first read A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway, I thought that I lacked a connection to the story. I did not feel like I knew the characters, which go forth me with no connection to them and intrigued me as well, especially the old man. Why did Hemingway leave out backgrounds to his characters? This motivated me to write my scene through the old mans point of view. I felt that with the change of point of view to first- person, the reader would feel more attracted to the story, and at the same time I could keep Hemingways attitude of despair and disillusionment intact, maybe even make it stronger. With my part of the puzzle, I felt more at peace with his original story, and I was able to establish a relationship between Hemingway (as a writer) and me (as a reader). I was able to experience his motivation for writing A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Essay example -- Literary Analysis, Ernest

A Clean, Well-Lighted manoeuvre by Ernest Hemingway is a simplistic short base in which he narrates a scene in a Cafe, where the main characters are two waiters and an old man. In the story, Hemingway hardly created a background for his characters, but this was part of his minimalist writing style. He treasured to create a story that was straightforward to the reader, and in which the reader could easily understand his attitude. His purpose for writing the story was to expose his feelings on society, politics, and the individual at the time. These feelings could be characterized by three main words desperation, disillusionment, and l unityliness. Through all of the characters in his story, the reader was able to obtain one of these feelings. However, when I read the story I wanted to know more(prenominal) about the characters to be able to establish a connection with them. I wanted to know how and why did each(prenominal) of them acquired those feelings? Therefore, I decided to change the pull down of view of the story from third- person- limited to first- person. Unlike Hemingway, I included more personal details about one of the main characters, in this case the old man, whom I consider to be the most mysterious character of the three. This way, I could make the reader relate more to the emotions conveyed by the story. Consequently, by showing the reader the old mans background, I made Hemingways attitude of his original story stronger, and also establish a connection amongst the reader and the character(s). However, I also had to modify some of the plot, and language to make my scene coherent and relevant to my point of view.The most drastic change I made to Hemingways short story was the change of point of view from third- person- limited to first -per... ...When I first read A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway, I thought that I lacked a connection to the story. I did not feel like I knew the characters, which left me with no connectio n to them and intrigued me as well, especially the old man. Why did Hemingway leave out backgrounds to his characters? This motivated me to write my scene through the old mans point of view. I felt that with the change of point of view to first- person, the reader would feel more attracted to the story, and at the same time I could keep Hemingways attitude of despair and disillusionment intact, maybe purge make it stronger. With my part of the puzzle, I felt more at peace with his original story, and I was able to establish a relationship between Hemingway (as a writer) and me (as a reader). I was able to experience his motivation for writing A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.

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Global Pest Control Services Market: Trends and Opportunities Essay

The distinguish titled world(prenominal) oath pick up Service market Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018) analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends in the bloke control industry. The report also provides detailed analysis of the global curse control market, with data of regional markets suchas North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The report also profiles and analyzes the business strategies of the confidential information companies operating in the segment. Geographical Coverage sphericalNorth AmericaEuropeAsia PacificCompany CoverageEcolab Inc.Rollins Inc.Rentokil InitialTerminix InternationalExecutive abbreviation oath defy industry has seen unprecedented growth in the recent categorys, growing on the back of increasing number of pests and growing consciousness just some the health issues, resulting in increased demand for pest control measures. Due to increasing health issues, people are becoming more cautious about the environment around them. O ne of the major reasons for the risingdemand of the pest control measures, especially in the United States, could be attributed to the increasing federal and rural area regulations imposed on the commercial segment. Due to these restrictions, the segment has become more aware and is maintaining high safety standards.With the increasing need to maintain a pest free environment, the sales of the pest control service providers has increased significantly, which in turn provides incentive for more players to enter into the market and establish themselves in the industry. The pest control services market is characterized by stiff competition within the industry, launch of eco-friendly products, offering ofcustomized services and a number of mergers and acquisitions. planetary pestilence tick Service market place OverviewA pest is any living organism which is destructive or detrimental to humans or human concerns. Pests transmit unsoundnesss and disease causing organisms which damage s our health to the extent thatleadstoadmissionofthousandsGlobal Pest Control commercialise size 2010- 2012(US$ Billions)201020112012ofpeopleintoemergencyroomseveryyear.Global Pest Control grocery Size Forecast2013-18 (US$ Billions)2013E2014E2015E2016E2017E2018E commercialize size of Global Pest Control food market is expected to reach to ..US$ Billions in theyear 2018, from US$ Billions in 2012 by growing at a CAGR of%. Growth in the market is due to .Global Pest Control Service Market destiny by CategoryGlobal Pest Control Market Share byCompetitors(2012E)Global Pest Control Market Share by End Users(2012) . accounted for .% share of the global pest control market in the year 2012, while accounts for ..% of the market share In 2012, around .% of the end white plague market was accounted by commercial sector andaround % by ..Global Pest Control Service Market Share by CategoryGlobal Pest Control Market Share byRegion(2011) In 2012, around .% of the total market was accoun ted by North America and around % by ..Market TrendsUse Of Bio Pesticides . . ..Applying Non RepellentTermiticides . . ..Green TrendMergers & Acquisitions . . . . .. ..Table of Contents1.Executive Summary& Forecast)2. Pest Control Overview7.3.2 Australian Pest Control Market Market Share Analysis2.1 Pest Control Methods8. Global Pest Control Services assiduity Growth Drivers2.2 Pest Control Techniques& Challenges3. Global Pest Control Market8.1Growth Drivers3.1 Global Pest Control Market (Sizing and Growth)8.1.1 Minimum Revenue Volatility3.2 Global Pest Control Market Market Share Analysis8.1.2 change magnitude awareness amongst the people3.2.1 Market Share By Competitors8.1.3 Technological Changes Driving Sales3.2.2 Market Share By End Users8.1.4 Increasing Legislations in the industriousness4. Global Pest Control Market Regional Analysis8.2 Challenges5. North America Pest Control Market An Analysis8.2.1 Competition within the Industry5.1 North America Pest Control Marke t An Overview8.2.2 Barriers to Entry5.1.1NorthAmericaPestControlMarketSizing& 8.2.3 Other ChallengesGrowth(Actual & Forecast)9. Global Pest Control Market Trends5.1.2 Market Share Analysis Commercial Segment9.1 Use of Bio Pesticides5.1.3 Market Share Analysis Residential Segment9.2 Applying Non-Repellent Termiticides5.2 The US Pest Control Market An Overview9.3 Green Trend5.2.1 The US Pest Control Market Sizing & Growth (Actual &9.4 Mergers and Acquisitions in Pest Control Industry Forecast)10. agonistical Landscape6. European Pest Control Market An Analysis11. Company Profiles6.1 European Pest Control Market An Overview11.1 Ecolab Inc.6.1.1 European Pest Control Market Sizing & Growth (Actual &11.1.1 Business Overview Forecast)11.1.2 Financial Overview6.2 The UK Pest Control Market An Overview11.1.3 Business StrategiesList of ChartsFigure 1 Types of Pest ControlTable 1 Comparison between Natural and Artificial Pest Control Methods Table 2 Types of Pest Control TechniquesFigure2 Gl obal Pest Control Market Size, 2010-12 (US$ Billions) Figure3Global Pest Control Market Size Forecast, 2013E-18E (US$ Billions) Figure 4 Global Pest Control Market Share by Competitors (2012E) Figure5 Global Pest Control Market Share by End-Users (2012)Figure 6 Global Pest Control Market Share by Region (2011)Figure7 Market Size of Pest Control Services Market in North America 2011-2018E (US$ Billions) Figure 8 North American Commercial Pest Control Segment Market Share by Companies (2011) Figure 9North American Residential Pest Control Segment Market Share by Companies (2011) Figure11 Market Size of Pest Control Services Industry in Europe, 2011-2018E (US$ Billions) Figure 12 The UK Pest Control Industry Market Size, 2010-2012 (US$ Millions) Figure 13 The UK Pest Control Market Share by Competitors (2011) Figure 14 Market Size of Pest Control Services Industry in Asia Pacific (APAC), 2011-2018E (US$ Billions) Figure 14Market Size of Pest Control Services in India, 2011-2018E (US$ B illions) Figure 16 Indian Pest Control Services Market Share by Competitors (2011) Figure 17 Pest Market Size of Pest Control Services in Australia, 2011-2012E (US$ Billions) Figure 18 Australian Pest Control Market Share by Competitors (2011) Figure19 Global Pest Control Industry Revenue, 2011-2016E (US$ Billions) Table3 Mergers and Acquisitions in Pest Control IndustryTable 4 Competitive Landscape of study PlayersFigure20 Ecolab Inc. Revenue by Business Segments (2012)Figure21 Ecolab Inc. Pest Control Revenue, 2010-2012 (US$ Billions) Figure22 Rollins Inc. Revenue by Business Segments (2012)

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Not Waving but Drowning Essay

Not waving scarcely drowning the poesy written by stevie smith is itself a conceit. The whole poem is an extended metaphor for someone going through depression and his cries have constantly been ignored. The phrase I was much advertize out than you thought gives out a message that the man was too far out all his life. He had nothing to look forward to, this could alike mean that he hence drowned on his own will.Though Still lay moaning shows that he had been trying to show his emotions since a long time but he was hiding behind false emotions. Poor chap, he always loved larking. And now hes dead is a sarcastic furnish , this shows that the town people show no little concern about his death. Maybe also because he was always cold , to just hide his sorrows. The poem could also be interpreted as ,that the man all this while has been drowning and not waving as from far flawing your hands look like you ar waving, the people must have hence misperceived his predicament and hence le ft him there alone, to drown.Not waving but drowning stresses pain and distress, specifically the pain and suffering of a dieing old man. Oh no no no , it was too cold always shows that if he died from being in depression, he was always in depression, and no one realized as he hid it all this while, by larking and trying to be happy. The poet concludes the poem with And not waving but drowning which shows that the man is in fuck denial and dies in despair.

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Drama and audience Essay

Reverend Hales role in the play is to originally reanimate of find the illness of Betty. But instead he is described as stiring the witchcraft cauldron that is brewing in Salem Village. Arthur Miller uses rowing and phrases such as narrowing his eyes, holding up his hands, surprised, quickly, grasping, rising exhilaration, kindly ect. This describes Reverend Hales character well, as he is a humanist at bottom the village.Miller emphasises his importance, by making his character loud, expressive yet good hearted. He makes sure the audience is aware of Hales importance, by making him a figure to look up to, someone that people can see God in, and by making people confess to him he is showing the power he has. Parriss status within the community should be an example to others, but is slowly withering as the accusations of witchcraft within his village and family drag him down.The farmers Proctor, Putnam and Giles, are all below Parris in society. They are the main male characters in the play and because Parris is higher up in society, he remains the loneliest out of the four this is satisfying as he knows he cannot cope with all the stress as a single parent and guardian, and a reverend Salem relies on. As previously written, Hale was confessed to by Tituba. She confessed to seeing Satin towards the end of Act 1.Her confession was dramatic and Miller emphasised this well by using language such as weeps, sobbing in terror, falls to her knees, frightened, suddenly bursting out, in a fury ect. Influenced by the forgiveness given to Tituba, this is significant as she is setting an example and giving ideas to the girls. Abigail copies calling out accusations, as assumed and for example she shouts I saw Sarah Good with the devil ect. Scared and wooly girls followed in Abigails actions and began calling out accusations as well.The girls soon figure that lying, pretending and accusing others, will take the limelight from them and they will soon be seen as victims a nd witnesses of Satin. In conclusion, Arthur Millers stage directions in the play, The Crucible, create drama and inform the audience about the nature of the society in Salem. He uses them effectively to create instant excitement and effect as well as defining the characters in detail. The characters are however Millers own creation and by his direction they add drama to the story.The language used in the play highlights the lack of communication in its simplicity and distances itself from the twenty first century. The people in Salem lived solely by their religion and were unable to accept anything that may defy their beliefs. It also showed the lies and deceit that people created to protect their own name and standing(a) in society. Arthur Miller has managed to skilfully tell the story according to historic facts whilst adding his own portrayal of characters to attract audiences today.

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Process the Battle to Buy a Car

Outline Informative Process Analysis Audience Individuals interested in buy a vehicle aspire To help potential car buyers be prepared so, they may achieve what they want, and need in a vehicle. Thesis There is a method to the fury of buying a vehicle you just need to have the right weapons for battle. A. Know what you want. B. Know how youre going to pay for it. C. Be informed. D. Take your time. E. to a higher place all, dont be gullible The Battle to Buy a Car After twenty-six years in the car business, I butt end honestly say, Ive seen and heard it all. As with most things, the car business changes constantly. Always inventing new ways of sell a car. However, one thing hasnt changed. It still needs salesmen to sell their product. Most salespeople are knowledgeable, and upfront. However, it is a business. Salesmen are there to make money. Simply as that. Some just do it a little more ethically then others. This leads us, to the fast talking salesmen. You know the type tall, da rk, handsome, and knows it all. The minute you walk on the lot, hes on you care white on rice.Equipped with sunglasses, and a cigarette in his mouth, hes ready to sell you everything but the kitchen sink. With that said, let me start by saying, get build up. Buying a car today is a battle. Being prepared pull up stakes be one of your greatest weapons. Therefore, here are five Dos and mountts Ive come up with. First, before you step onto the car lot, know what you want. What are your needs? Know what you like and do non like about your present vehicle. Knowing this ahead of time will help you buy what you want and not what the fast talking salesperson wants you to buy.Ive seen it. For example, a customer comes to purchase a four-wheel drive truck. Hes living in Buffalo New York and gets 20 feet of snow at a time. However, instead he leaves with a two-wheeled drive truck. The customer is all excited he loves his new red truck. Cant wait to commemorate the guys. Bright red, 20-i nch chrome rims, and only two hundred and forty bucks a month. What a deal Unaware that his salesperson was awarded salesmen of the month for selling the only two-wheel drive truck, the dealership has ever had.There you go. The saying is correct. There is an ass for every seat Three weeks down the road the customer is late for work because the voguish red truck, hes only paying two hundred and forty dollars a month for cant get out of the track Prioritize. Have an ideal of whats most important to least important to you. Second, know how you plan to pay for this vehicle. Are you paying cash or will you need to finance. If you are paying cash, know ahead of time how practically you have or are willing to spend and stick with it.If you need to finance, fail out interest rates and terms that are available to you through banks and other financial institutions, such as credit unions, small finance companies, and thus far family. Car dealers generate a great deal of income from assist ing you with financing. The financial institutions pay dealers depending on what interest rate and term they give to the customer. You may, be able to spare money doing it yourself. Third, be informed. The price is important to all of us. However, its not everything. Before you can successfully negotiate anything, you need to know as much about it as you can.Use all resources of information available to you. Today we have the optimum weapon, the Internet. Use it. The internet can show all makes and models of vehicles, help line up the history of a vehicle, the worth of your trade-in, along with, the vehicle your interested in. Can assist you in being informed of warranties, recalls, and what problems may exist within trustworthy makes and models. Remember, when purchasing a used car, warranty means everything. You dont want to be stuck with a problem vehicle, and have a thirty-seconds, thirty-feet warranty.In addition, previous purchasing experiences can be helpful. Knowing what k ind of treatment and service you received from a particular dealership will let you know weather or not to return. A return customer should also be entitled to receive an additional discount. Loyalty has its advantages. Fourth, take your time. Dont be an impulsion buyer. Never buy the first time on the lot. Take your information, and experience home with you. Discuss it, way all of your options and then make your decision. Fifth and finial thought. Dont be gullible Remember, if something is to good to be true it usually is.

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Best kept secret of the church

What is the beat unbroken secret of the church? Why? According to the clip, the best kept secret of the church is the Churchs Catholic Social Teachings. It is Gods special love for the poor and c exclusivelyed Gods people to a covenant of love and justice. I think it is the best kept secret of the church because the church has inspection and repaired the poor in many ways and because of authoritative statements-?whether from church or government-?have less attraction today than acts of certain witness.Also is it will also make social sues which will make the Catholic church receive non so good comments so they do not let other people know the secret of the church. And doing good doesnt need to be rewarded by other people, alone to be rewarded by God alone. 2. spend a penny at least 5 issues presented by the clip. A. Poverty because many Filipinos are kapok and uneducated b. Concentration of Wealth Because the poor thinks they are poor, they remain poor. C. environmental twist around The continuity of illegal logging that makes the Earth worse. D. Inequality in land distributionThere are many informal settlers in our country because they dont have their take land and they cant buy because they dont have that kind of money. E. Social inequality The government doesnt entertain the poor people because they know that they wont gain anything from them, and the higher people or rich people help but only a few times. 3. Chi arch rejoinders/actions on the given issues. In our recent times, the church response to this by having an outreach program or sometimes ask for donations to offer foods for those who are in deed. B.Concentration of Wealth Because the poor doesnt think they can survive and have a better life if they work, they dont work. But then the church gives seminar to help those people to carry on with their lives so they dont have any more excuses. C. Environmental Abuse Due to the continuation of the doings of the illegal loggers, the church and i ts people decided to have a checkpoint and the people were there to secure their place and to reduce the risk of exposure of the earth being destroyed wherein due to his action they were able to capture illegal loggers and to take back the logs they got.Also the priests help in planting trees, which is also a good thing. D. Inequality in land distribution The church tried to help and give the poor people voice and maybe encouraged them to aggregation to the court about their current situation of the land where they are staying now. Another is that the church provided the church to be the place where the people can have their meeting. E.Social inequality When inside the church, there are no social inequality shown wherein all the people are together and are happy with being together and they all share foods to eat and it helped them improve their social relations. 4. Do you agree or not in the churchs doings? Why? Yes agree. Because the church are doing their best to help or to pro vide proper action in regards to those situation and it need not to be publicized. Doing something good does not need someone to commend you but to make the other person feel good and to know that God with reward you as well is what really matters.

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

This paper concerns the personal strengths and weakness of my own conduct. The details I will be presenting are what I consider my best and worst strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is to clearly define each of these and figure out a way to learn how to solve my weaknesses and make my strengths even stronger.Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses are essential part of the overall learning processes. Just as we understand which methods and techniques stand by us to learn at an optimal level, understanding our strengths and weaknesses patron us to become more(prenominal) self conscious and well-rounded individuals. I believe that lifetime is our personal experiences and everyone has certain attributes with their personal strengths and weaknesses. . Being aware of what are my best strengths can help me overcome my worst weaknesses. In the past, I have had a hard time recognizing my weakness but as you get older, you become more aware of your weaknesses. I fee l that recognizing your strengths and weaknesses is what makes you a in(predicate) person in any aspects of your life.I feel that one of my greatest strengths is that I love to learn. Life to meis a never-ending learning experience. As we go through our life it is vital that we learn who we are and have the ability to grow from our own strengths and weaknesses. I feel by overcoming my weaknesses and reinforcing my strengths that I will become more successful in both my personal and professional life.My strengths, which include good analytical skills, and good computer skills, are offset by my weaknesses, which is procrastination and dreadful written material and grammar skills.I believe one of my greatest strengths is my analytical skills. I love working with numbers and figuring out complicated problems. This is why I chose bill for my profession. I love working with numbers and figuring things out. Very few people love working in accounting.Another of my strengths is my compute r skill. I am a very fast learner when it comes to figuring out new computer software or hardware. This stems from my husband who I have learned a lot from over the past eight years. His profession is in the computer software business. Often the people I work with will turn to me for help with configuring their computers or formatting a Word document.I had a difficult time narrowing this list to just one or two faults that I would mention here. My one of my most weaknesses is that I am a major procrastinator. Over the past few years, I have tried to work on this fault by reading books and lectures. I feel the only way to stop procrastinating is through determination, commitment, and a desire to change. I believe I induce the determination and desire, and I commit today to apply myself to making this change in my personality.I feel that this next weakness can either be considered a fault or a strength and that is organization. I am a compulsive organizer and sometimes that tends to slow me down on projects. It too takes time away from my children because I am such a perfectionist and organizer.I do not suppose anyone is perfect but I do think we all strive to be our best. The first step is to improve our weaknesses by learning from them everyday. I think that by using are strengths to improve our weaknesses would be a very efficient process we all could learn. I think that taking this class will definitely improve my weaknesses and help me learn more about my strengthsBoth my personal and professional life.

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Frankenstein and the Human Mind

The clement mind is something scientists have been trying to comprehend forever. Science can non alter how the mind communicates with ones body, or even how it whole caboodle. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein uses the creation of a fake being to emphasize the fact that the world mind cannot be alter or replicated effectively. Dr. Frankenstein thought he would be able to create and control the mind of a creature. He had tried more times, alone to no avail. After talking with a professor, he finally figured out a way that he would be able to perpetrate what he had been trying to for years.But does Frankenstein pass that natural boundary placed before us by our peers? To create life, a being with its own mind, had never been do before. What are the consequences of his actions and was it truly worth it to go beyond those limits? Mary Shelley says no, it was not worth it. Frankenstein thought he would be able to control this creature, control his emotions and how he would act on them. He would quickly find out that that was not the case. Immediately after creating this unnatural being, Frankenstein had to act as a somewhat fatherlike figure to teach the monster how to walk and stand on his own.I dont think it was what he intended, but by doing this the creature naturally looked at Frankenstein as being his sole creator, or father if you leave. There was nothing he could say or do, and certainly nothing science could do, to change the persuasion of the creature. He, by creating life, had attached himself to this being from the very beginning. When the creature is out in the streets for the first time, the whole town is completely against him, trying to bring him down, throwing stuff at him, etc. There is nothing science can do to take the anger and sadness out from the creature.It is only natural to the mind that you will notice such emotions if a whole town is against you. That is just how the mind works. It reacts to certain situations in a certain way, beyo nd sciences control. Frankenstein tried to forget about the creature, but it crept right back up into his life with the murder of his little brother, William. The creature is angry with Frankenstein, angry for what he had done to him. Frankenstein made the creature much big and stronger than an average human being, and because of this, it isnt necessarily easy for Frankenstein to say no to the creatures needs or wants.He demands a female partner, which brings us to another argument brought fore by Shelley. When you venture into the unknown by creating life, by creating unnatural beings, you risk the threat of more than one being created. When you pass that boundary by scientifically experimenting with the human mind and life, only bad things can come from it. It is a loss-loss no matter how you look at it, from Shelleys point of view. In the film, Frankenstein is put forth with a very dangerous task. Either creating a second unnatural being with its own mind, or telling the creat ure he has already made that he cannot do that.Mary Shelley stresses that both of these outcomes are bad, and that it is impossible to avoid both circumstances. By giving an unnatural being its own mind, you are giving it the privilege to think on its own. This is incredibly dangerous, as you cannot control it after this point. If the being you gave life to is bigger or stronger than you, you are at the will of it to do what it asks. Because Frankenstein didnt give in to the creatures wishes, the creature was not only responsible for the death of his little brother William, but also the death of the wholesome loved servant, Justine, and ultimately the death of his wife, Elizabeth.Frankenstein then proceeds to pass that boundary even further, by replicating the mind of his wife in the same manner in which he created the creature. His wife comes back to life but with little to no memory. The creature tries to bring her to his side, finally getting what he wanted, a partner. But, in a struggle over the possession of Elizabeth, she screams and commits suicide, hurting Frankenstein even more. What he thought would enhance science and bring innovation would ultimately be his downfall.And that is because he ventured chivalric that boundary by trying to create or replicate the human mind, something in which science has no control over. The human mind cannot be altered or replicated successfully in any way, and any attempts to do so will end in a disastrous manner. I find out with Shelley in this regard, as she proved in her film. The human mind is something so complex that scientists are still trying to figure it out entirely, let alone replica it, or create it from scratch. Frankenstein was attempting to use some brains from dead people in his attempts at creating life, but it is still all wrong just the same.It is immoral and without a doubt beyond that limit that should not be passed. We saw a very clear example of what Shelley thinks would happen, and I think it is safe to say it is moderately accurate. You could theoretically try to pull something off like Frankenstein did, and you may even be able to control that being, but would it be worth it? Shelley says no, and I agree with her. The cons outweigh the pros indefinitely. You wouldnt be able to control the created unnatural being, and it would cause havoc over society. The human mind is something not to be meddled with, and Frankenstein is a right-hand(a) example of this.If you create someone or something so unique, it will naturally want to be among its kind. If you wanted to experiment, you would need two creatures, not just one, and that could wrench a very dangerous threat. Scientists do not fully understand the human mind, and thus cannot effectively control it. Mary Shelleys Film, Frankenstein, effectively warns us of the consequences of what can come if you pass a certain boundary by meddling with certain things science does not fully comprehend. The human mind is a sacred, unique device that every human being has. It allows one to think, to feel emotion.It is very dangerous to try to replicate this in the creation of an unnatural being. I agree with all the points Shelley is making in her film, in that it should not be attempted. It is immoral and very dangerous, and only bad things will come from it. Life is a natural thing that we are blessed to have, and we should not push our luck into trying to create beings in which we can control, because it cant be done. The human mind cannot be altered or duplicated, and thus, scientists should not try to do so, especially not until they have a much better understanding of how it works so that they can learn how to control it. Word Count 1,197

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Investigation of Failed States & Democratic Intervention Essay

Failed states have been an issue in human society for many years. Today there atomic number 18 a total of 177 failed states, which is an all-time high. (Haken) Failed states be not only a terrible lieu for the state itself, but for its neighboring countries as well. nigh situations are worse than others, but for the most part they all share several factors that classify them as failed states. These factors allow a severe economic decline, lack of formal authorities, deterioration of public services, social disorder, and more. (Haken) one time a country be hails classified as a failed state it is quite difficult for them to fully recover.For this to happen, financial upkeep from allies and neighboring countries is usually necessary. Obviously nobody wants to see a countrys government overrun and its citizens forced into turmoil, but that is unfortunately the way our society operates with radical martial groups such as infrastructure in existence. It has become a global pr oblem and the day may never come when there are no failed states. However, if groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Lords Resistance troops (LRA) can be eliminated then these failed states can begin to rebuild themselves and give their citizens the chance to live free, elated lives.An example of a failed state that is making headlines these days is the country of Mali, which is located in Northern Africa. The situation in Mali began over a year ago and has developed into a really serious matter. more like Libya in 2011, Malis government has been overthrown by Islamic militant groups that will do some(prenominal) it takes to spread their influence and power. (Larison)The major group behind this invasion is known as Al-Qaeda. As Al-Qaeda forces moved in on Bamako, Malis capital, a French military invasion halted them in their tracks. French and Malian forces have now teamed up against Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which is Al-Qaedas militant organization based in Mali. (Larison) The two sides are both ready to battle one some other and the situation looks to be headed towards a full-on war.AQIM forces are invading towns and villages while torturing and killing citizens in their path. They are a strong force to be reckoned with and outside help will be needed if Mali is to liberate itself of these radicals. This is where neighboring countries become involved. Countries close to Mali, such as Niger, Mauritania, and Algeria, are all looked upon to intervene and to offer aid and/or assistance to the Malians. On top of that, they are forced to live under constant timidity and uncertainty of AQIMs next move(s). Although the fall in States has no vital economic ties to Mali, some Americans feel make to intervene and offer assistance to the French, much like we did in Libya. (Larison)However, the majority of American politicians are against take an invasion because all signs point towards an ongoing war similar to those in Iraq and Afghanistan. These two coun tries experienced this instance of situation during the 2000s and Libya did as well in 2011. Libyas situation was genuinely similar to that of Malis stream one. Islamic forces invaded and took control and outside help was needed from either neighboring countries or Western forces. whatsoever the case may be, many parties were/are involved and too many unnecessary deaths have been enter already. Going forward we can only hope that the situation in Mali ends up like the ones in Iraq and Libya. The only way this can happen is if the Islamic militant forces are driven out and the country has the opportunity to once again govern itself and eventually prosper.Western intervention has been a major instalment of global warfare for the last 100 years. From World War I all the way by means of the Cold War, the coupled States has always been looked upon to give military assistance to its allies and anyone who holds great importance to our economy. almost recently weve gone to war to pr otect Israel in the Middle East and to aid France in Libya. (Traub) The United States has been involved economically in the Middle East since the late 1980s but became active militarily in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. We were involved in warfare with Iraq for over a ecstasy and are still at war with Afghanistan. (Traub) Other notable instances of Western military intervention include our involvement in World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and many other smaller wars.The United States has clearly played a crucial role in global warfare for a very long time. One major reason for this amount of military activity is the fact that the U.S. is a democracy. Non-democracy governments typically have less(prenominal) involvement in warfare than democratic governments do. This is because autocracies operate under the discretion of less than 20 people and often times only 1 person. Also, under a democracy a presidential order can be overturned by either the citiz ens or another stolon of the government.A democratic leader would most likely order a military invasion if there is an immediate threat to his/her countrys national security or if there is a very significant amount of economic importance involved in the situation. Giving assistance to allies is in any case a common reason for entering into a war. These have been the main reasons for American involvement in global warfare over the years. America is undoubtedly a military superpower in the eye of the world and will most likely remain that way for many more years to come. whole kit and caboodle CitedHaken, Nate. Interpreting the Arab Spring and Its Effects. The Fund for Peace, 28 June 2012. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. . Larison, Daniel. In Mali the Domino Theory Is Real. The American Conservative, 23 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Jan. 2013. . Traub, James. Think Again Failed States. Foreign Policy Magazine, Aug. 2011. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. .

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Private Fitness, Inc.

BBUS 425 Advanced Management Accounting scale 1 Private Fitness, Inc. Analysis of existing solicitude and operation issues Yunlong TangYen Hao ChaoInstructor Tony BellSep 16, 2012 MEMORANDUM DATE Sep 16, 2012 TO rosemary Worth, the owner of Private Fitness, Inc. FROM Yen Hao Chao and Yunlong Tang - RE Analysis of existing guidance and operation issues Its a pleasure that we pick out a prognosis to review your comp alls existing management and operation system.We believe that there are some serious management and operation problems which need to be changed or improved immediately. In this memorandum, we leading identify those issues in management and operation system, and show recommended solutions for puzzle out problems. Issues in management and operation system 1. The biggest issue is that the friendship has less obtain on trailing all records, such as the number of clients, the length of any private fitness class, and the bills proceedings between customers and the company.Without this information, the company may not collect cash properly and prevent crimes from happening in the operation, such as money stealing 2. round of the jobs from management level deport not been tumesce performed in the average concern operation, since all power and jobs urinate been centralized onto one person. 3. Employees might provide some private fitness classes to the client without reporting to the company. This is a very serious problem, since employment veracity is a large benefit to the health of your business.Solution We pull up stakes provide you the suggestions based on two types of conquer which are action control and private control. In action control, we recommend you to install a control system for tracking classroom custom and hire another monetary omnibus to take everyplace any financial jobs, operation cost and profit recording from Kate. In personnel control, we recommend you to shape some new policies such as no personal discount and any class accommodation must be reported to the new finance manager.Classroom utilisation control system Classroom usage control system is a system to help you to track the length of using the classroom in order to verify how much money is collected based on the time of classroom usage. on a lower floor this system, every client or employee must apply a card to use the classroom. They need to slip on the machine in order to work in or out of the exercise room. after(prenominal) they swipe the machine, the computer will automatically record this data and save it to the database.Through this control system, you will have the complete information about how many clients you have, how long they stay in the classroom, and how much money you are supposed to earn each month based on the time of classroom usage. If the collected money does not match the amount of cash received based on the length of classroom usage, the financial manager needs to be responsible and find out the rea son for the missing money as well as report the incident to you immediately. Although this control system will solve the problems and generate huge profits in the long run, but it still has some disadvantages such as cost and maintenance.Additionally, you have to provide hearty training for employees and customers to know how to use this system. Management system Your management system has failed to follow the goal of its function which is supposed to include monitoring and controlling the finance of your company. First, we know that your manager, Kate Hoffman, has been in drive out of almost all jobs at the management level. Putting too much power in the transfer of one manager may create risks to the management system.Second, since Kate has both jobs as an instructor and a manager in the company, she may not have enough time to keep track of every maven transaction and all expenses accurately. As a result, we believe that hiring a professional person with finance pedagogics and management experience as a financial manager is necessary. The new manager will be in charge of record monitoring, appointment scheduling and financing, and Kate will pose the marketing manager including the indebtedness of rapidness up-keep and keep her position as one of the instructor in the company.Kate and the new manager will now each receive 50% of the salary which Kate used to receive, but Kate can still have the bonus as usual. All business transaction, such as money collecting and equipment purchasing, will be reported to the new manager. Although most clients have direct contact with some of your companys employees, any appointment of taking classes must also be reported to the new manager with details on the date of the appointment and the length of the class.As well, the new manager has to directly report all information to you periodically, kindred once a month. Hiring a new manager will lead to a flatter business structure so that every manager has more than specific functions on controlling the system and more accuracy on performance. Furthermore, viewing the report of all periodic expenses and profit from the finance manager will provide a forecast on the companys future financial situation and become more helpful to improve the efficiency of the operation and the decision making from the management level.However, this new pop off may create unexpected expenses on paying salary to the new manager, and also, the new manager will need time to become familiar with his/her new co-workers and the new working environments. Policies Since many of the students have straight person contact with the instructors, they may deal with the instructors under the table, such as asking for the personal discount privately. Some of the instructors may also provide private classes to students with using companys facility in the normal business schedule without reporting.To prevent those risks, you must create related policies as follow * No personal dis count provided to customers from any of our employees unless the discount is permitted by the company * No private fitness classes are provided to the customers at any of the time unless the classes have been reported * Any violation of the two policies will receive penalisation or warning depending on the situation.We believe the new policies will restrict the authority of using the facility and limit the contact with customers from the employees. The employees will behave more professionally and become more honest to the company. The chance of creating unreported transaction will be minimized, and the record of using any facility in the company will be more accurate. However, the employees may feel uncomfortable with the new policies, but they will get used to the new policies. RecommendationWe recommend that the company should set up a system for tracking the usage of classrooms, hire a new financial manager to take over partial duty of management from Kate and regulate some new policies. New system and new manager will provide significant control on tracking the process of collecting money and organizing business operation. On the other hand, in order to enhance the honesty of employees, implementing new policies inside the company is necessary and beneficial to provide a healthier working environment.

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Employment and Family Essay

This constitution is about Family Related Issued Family and medical Act, in analyse the case where it payoffs that a parent literally had nonhing to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and medical Act (FMLA) to care for that parent. The motive in this story is to de lineine the size of the affair lowlife save each effect on whether Toney is eligible for family repudiate under the FMLA. I will discuss whether Herman can or cannot imply that if Tony takes a supply of absence seizure under the FMLA, he may not have a job when he comes back.In this paper I will give describe who is covered by the Family and medical examination cater Act (FMLA) of 1993? In this case I will explain the extent to which an employer can make his or her own object as to the eligibility of an employer under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Explain if it matters that a parent literally had zilch to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for that parent.The Family and Medical Act is a jurisprudence wipeoutorsed by the United States that indigences large companies top management team to offer its employees, the coverage to (FMLA) for their job compensations due to a short term or long term serious health illness that effect the employee to be off from exploit beca apply they need to assist a family member, spouse pregnancy, or care of children. In the case it did not matter if Tony was his biological son or not. In the Family and Medical Leave Act there is a fixate on the amount of sick and vacation term that can be utilise and it is apparently verbalize in this law.Also, if there is enough quantify they are allowed to by law. With a lot of companies they now used PTO days that include vacation and medical days at spend a penny that employees can use after six months or one year depending on the business. In was not specified in the video ho w long Tony had been employed with the company, as the request was for three calendar weeks off. Under normal circumstances the business would ask foe a written request for the pay of absence or medial leave on the FMLA form. And the company would also like to have at least a twain week notice in most causes so the employee would have time to get a substitute bandage Tony is out on leave.Explain whether the size of the business can have any effect on whether Tony is eligible for the family leave under the FMLA. Herman thinking and his thoughts was a concerned for the company, but the business size does not matter. Herman is utilizing Tony as a business prerequisite from medically taking care of his father that is in need of his assistance. This companies has more that enough employee that could cover Tony while on leave, though Herman shows concern about the sales of automobiles universe sold due Tony absence.Herman main issues of Tony taking time off is because of the affect i t will have on their business. Even more this makes Tony eligible for the FMLA during this time. (Halbert, Ingulli 2010) Explain whether Herman can or cannot imply that if Tony takes a leave of absence under the FMLA, he may not have a job when he returns. Herman cannot imply if Tony takes a leave under the FMLA, but he must make Tony aware that there is not attempt that he will have a job when he is able to come back to work.This word form of action or treatment is not fair at all and the FMLA Act protects the employees if they are eligible to take a leave to assist their family of serious illness, to take care of newborn, or accommodate different family responsibilities. Because Tony is a valuable employee, one of the companies top auto salesman by word of mouth as add together one marketing strategy. Herman has a great concerned, that he may not have another solid salesman that could fulfill the service like Tony provided for the company and to the customers (2010). Describe who is covered by the Family and Medical Act (FMLA) of 1993.The Family and Medical Act of 1993 were put into place to promote the stability and economic security of families as well as the nations interest in preserving the integrity of families. The Family and Medical Act applies to any employer in the one-on-one sector who employers 50 or more employees each working at least 20 calendar seeks in the current or preceding calendar year. This law covers all state, local governments, and local statement agencies. Title II of FMLA covers most federal employees, who are subject to regulations issued by the Office of Personnel Management.Also, the employer can not use the practice if forcing employees to behave in an involuntary manner such(prenominal) as threats or intimidation of their jobs should they chose to take a leave under the FMLA. (Halbert, Ingulli 2010). Explain the extent to which an employer can make his or her own determination as to the eligibility of an employee under the Family and Medical Leave Act. An employer determines the eligibility of the employees based on the annual worked hours by the employee. Human Resource also request that a written FMLA form is completed with end two weeks of the request leave.Should an employee have not been notified within a 30 day the employer can make a decision of eligibility, causing a deferral of the FMLA? In addition, an employer is providing medical certification which would prove the leave would clear eligibility for leave. If there is reason to believe by the employee that the employer does not plan to return to work at the end of the leave the employee has the right to terminate the FMLA request. Employer also has the right to terminate the FMLA as well if there falsified development given by the employer. Halbert, Ingulli 2010). The Family and Medical Leave Act is a benefit for companies, employees and families in the place of work to allow ones job functions, and personal responsibilities to be ta ken into consideration. During the time of leave the employees receive an income and security doing the time off. Other benefits to employees is receiving aide from relatives in the time of need, and the organization have an advantage from yearly decrease in staff earnings, which will lower the preparation and employment costs, and improves the performances of the employees.There have been thousands of employees that have used the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and business programs of essential to developing strong impact reporting that is positive or concentrating on improving the performance of their employees, and allowing the employees to know that there are limitation in the law for excision of more than thirty percent of employees that do not meet the criteria for the leave, which would prevent the employees who meets the criteria from going on any leave due to there is no extra funding or budget to cover the cost. Halbert, Ingulli 2010). remnant In conclusion of the Family and Medical Leave Act the matter that a parent literally had nothing to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the law was enacted by the United States and requires large business to provide their employees with this coverage to protect the employment for family related issues such as a serious health illness or care of children.Secondly, this law is also effective with companies that employers that have at least 50 or more employees on staff. Thirdly, Herman cannot imply if Tony takes a leave under the FMLA, and in this law he must make Tony aware that there is not promise that he will have a job when he is able to come back to work. Fourth, in this case in the year 1993 the FMLA was presented to employers for employees that are eligible for the leave of absence and met the criteria required for the companies.And last we have explain the extent to which an employer can make his or her own determination as to the eligibility of an employee und er the Family and Medical Leave Act when the hours worked in a year time, written notice submitted to human resource has been submitted in a timely manner and medical certification has been documented will allow the employee to have the time off on leave.

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Workplace Motivation

Motivation in the give-up the ghostplace is the single close prestigious factor in achievement of higher(prenominal) productivity and profitability by an organization. Over the years, psychologists have concurred with affectionate analysts and workplace managers that employees indeed act as the main springboard to effectively promote objectivity of their organizations precaution plans (Weiner, 1985). It is from this tone that want in most of the organizations has been assimilated not just at the top charge levels only, exclusively at the humiliate sections to derive genuine intrinsic returns.Owing to this consideration, this paper researchs to explore workplace pauperization strategies, their related theories and affects in organizations workplace settings. Deriving this interlink, the paper outlines various recommendations that could be employed to effect the prerequisite changes and therefore assimilate holistic productivity and encourage. 2. Affects of motivational st rategies on work productivity a) Introduction In my organization where I work XYZ workplace motivation has been the defining factor for its current success.As an air passage company, the concern underscores the need to strongly motivate the employees as they are entirely independent in their operations by nature of their jobs. Though the concept of giving the highest manageable quality to the consumers through motivating the rung was initi all in ally not effectively understood, entry of the current Chief Executive officer made the notion easy to grasp and apply with ease. b) Organizational efforts to promote performance Due to the high level contest in the airline industry, measures that have the capacity to promote returns are always welcome.As a result, workers motivation has been assimilated as a major facet for enhancing wideer returns. Therefore, the management has facilitated the formation and operation of teams and groups at the lower levels of employees. Use of teamwo rk and team lead has therefore brought the lag and employees at the decision making level as they are entrusted with all the major activities that take place during flights. Indeed, this model been hailed and emulated by other airlines in that the module is entrusted to affixress all the emergent issues to generate the highest possible satisfaction to the consumers.Besides, unlike other airline companies that documentation on hiring and firing their staff, XYZ observes a high retention system with internal promotions serving as a major motivational consideration. After the terrorist attack at world trade center in US, XYZ kept up(p) its entire staff as others strongly downsized to cater for the crisis period as more people drifted off from air flights. Top leading and management officials are identified and promoted from the teams operations efficiency.Such emergent leadership has been a strong motivating facet to the level lower employees as they seek to follow the aforesa id(prenominal) trend to get at the top. Bridging the gap between the top management and the lower level employees has by chance been the best motivating notion that the company employs to boost the morale of the workers in their duties. Since the onset of the current scotch crisis the management has sought to break the previous hierarchical mode of management and bring together all the staff to work together at all times.By bringing them closer to the management, it became much easier to agnize their overall needs and sentiments therefore pro-actively solving them. Indeed, banters and problem analysis between the management and staff in search for solutions and alternatives has become take up of the XYZ culture. This brings out the sense of ownership and identity which drives the employees to work in their organizations with great efforts as they would have done for their personal jobs.It is from the above efforts that XYZ maintained its profitability after the terrorist attac k in the year at the world trade center and the current economic downturn as the employees seek to gather more efforts from the continuous motivation they generate. c) Employees resistance to increase productivity It is worth noting that though the management has over the years been strongly committed to enhance greater motivation, strong resistance has also been increasing with time.Some of the employees view the current initiatives as a facet to divide them in that whatsoever cannot be able to get the unlike team leaders positions or being promoted. Though the management has been considering this to be part of the anti development group that generally views any form of development from a prohibit point of view, the company leadership has often been cautioned to ensure that it does not spread to the rest of the staff. This has prompted the management to wee-wee a general criterion to be used for promotions and awards therefore preventing any sense of sabotage among them.To add t o that, bulk of the major changes have seen introduction of modernistic passing computerized and automated systems to not only inflict the time of service to the consumers, but promote the general quality and utility equivalence of the payment. However, this has been interpreted to charge possible threats to their jobs even with the management confirmation of total retention for all the staff. This has further been linked with the overall resistant nature of the human beings in their work places emanating from their complexity analysis of the present events but overshadowed by the future uncertainty. )Management philosophy of motivation and practices Application of motivation systems by the company has been deeply base on the understanding of interplay between the different needs of the employees and their efforts to see higher productivity. As a result, the management overview has been in a twin fold model where the general returns to the staff acts as the main control force t o their general efforts. Though this has been cited to be the major factor in the company behind its success, a general shift was recorded when the employees suggested their allowances reduction to anchor the general companys cost reduction strategy.As comprehend underscores in his model of cultural dynamic, the ability of the staff to effectively support the management decisions depends on how the leadership will harmonize their views and needs of the workers to reduce the overall resistance to infer the inevitable motivation for work and innovation (2000). In this respect XYZ brought sought to bring the management closer to the staff by invoking the necessary autonomy in their work, reducing the hierarchical management system, and incorporating the employees in the decision making process. 3.Implications of applying other motivational theories a) Vrooms expectancy opening Though XYZ application of motivational theories has been highly integrative of the different theories due t o its nature, some have not been effectively applied. To begin with, Vrooms expectancy theory indicates that motivation to the staff and employees is based not only on the material well being, but to make believe the necessary anticipated outcome as the general achievement and assimilate the belief that the exerted effort has been helpful in promoting the status of the company.Application of this theory would be of great essence to the company management by being self driven from the onset, cautiously self evaluated, and highly cautious to raise productivity and profitability of the company. However, its application would perhaps be highly controversial due to lack of the necessary guidance as exemplified by the present management of XYZ. However, it would be a great relevance in reducing the overall expenses and therefore put greater emphasis on productivity and profitability of the company.To the employees, this theory would infer mixed reactions on their perceptions in that the general assimilated bearing towards the company could be essential in enhancing their efforts towards higher production. However, it also has the capacity to be misinterpreted to indicate burdensomeness by the management towards the employees and therefore become a major stabling block for productivity and progress in the company. It is therefore essential that its application be effected instantaneously to give the correct meat to the employees.b) Aldefers ERC theory. Then Aldefers ERC theory indicates that for all the expected returns to be assimilated, the staff would be required to attain different set standards to get the necessary benefits attached to them (Bollesm, 1975). Though this would infer further need of grater returns to the company, the management may indeed get the direct opposite. Motivation as indicated in the earlier sections in this paper should be self driving without a sense of coercion. Possible standards should always be established in consultation wit h the staff to affect the general acceptability of the system by all.For the employees in the company, this would be viewed as part of the general initiative to render them unworkable. Indeed, it has the capacity to spark unrest from the general sense of inferiority to attain the different set standards. It is imperative that such level marks are set at the possible levels that the staff would be able to attain and more importantly in teams. 4. Conclusion It is from the above discussion that this paper concludes by supporting thesis statement that motivation in the workplace is the single most influential factor in achievement of higher productivity and profitability by an organization.It is important that staff is carefully handled by the management to generate the necessary perception from them for higher productivity. Motivation should be structured to the general culture of the company in a manner that all the major operations proposal to profitability. To add to that, the man agement should give the employees the necessary room to contribute creatively and promote innovation for higher returns.

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Simulation Of First Come First Served FCFS

Any qualifying on the plan algorithm will appear as modification on the operating system kernel code. Processor is an principal(prenominal) source of CPU programing process, so it becomes genuinely important on accomplishing of the operating system design goals. A delicate problem of the well-functioning of SO is the case when in CPU comes two or more processes which wants to be kill. Scheduling includes a hurl of mechanisms and policies t put on SO has to follows in order that all processes take the serv codswallop.In this Paper we will discuss about two main chewes algorithms, such as FCC and SF, and I will how a manner how to improve these algorithms in the future work. Keywords CPU-Scheduling, Scheduler, OFFS, SF. 1. Introduction CPU scheduling is important beca rehearse when we brook multiple renewable processes, it can gravel a big effect on resource utilization and the overall performance of the system 2. C.I Latency season that is the sequence it takes for the dispatcher to stop one process and start another running CPU scheduling deals with the problem of choosing a process from the ready queue to be executed by the CAP. In a scheduling process is the responsibility of scheduler to determine when a recess moves from running kingdom to waiting state also scheduler passes a process from the ready state to the exercise stateJ. In general waiting queues use FIFO and LIFO policies. We have two character references of scheduling algorithms preemptive and non-preemptive.Its preemptive in those cases where the execution of a process can be interrupted by another process (which may have higher(prenominal) priority), while non-preemptive when a process takes control of the CPU and do not leave it until the end of execution The performance of scheduling is linked to several parameters CPU Usage CPU should be kept lodge in at 100% of condemnation . 2. throughput Number of process that typically ends executing in the given implication of se ntence . 3. Turnaround quantify time which is necessary for the execution of a process. 4. Waiting time it is time that a process must wait in queue ready to be executed. . Response time is the time between the reception of the request made , to the first reaction . We have three types of schedulers A-Long-term scheduler -? This type of scheduler decides which jobs or processes would be admitted to the ready queue. Also this Scheduler dictates what processes are to run on a system. B-Mid-term Scheduler One stand by type scheduler its mid-term scheduler who removes process from main memory and moves on secondary memory. C-Short-term Scheduler (also known as dispatcher) Dispatcher module gives control of the CPU to the process selected by the short-term scheduler.Characteristic for dispatcher is the. In order to have an optimum scheduling should be completed follows Eng conditions 445 1 . CPU-usage MAX 2. Throughput Max 3. Turnaround time- MIN 4. Waiting time MIN 5. Response ti me -? MIN6. And this is illustrated in Figure 1 that is a four state draw of OFFS. Is an algorithm non-preemptive so if process take control of CPU and dont leave it until the end of execution. 2. Related kit and boodle The scheduler algorithms offer an endless field of interpret.I am focused on algorithms batch, I chose these algorithms because windows is very prevalent in my country and I think that this paper will help those who study windows as SO -What that concretely will deal in this paper is the simulation of two algorithms ( in order to compare them ) his national well has studied by 2 on paper published in 201 1, it has become an excellent study from both theory and practice , Alkali Pant has achieved provoke conclusions regarding the turnaround time, waiting time and response time time which has a great importance in batch systems.Another study that is very interesting is 1 3 , Jerry Breeches describes the way that we can get a process attached to a processor . Fig. 1 number 1 Come outgrowth Serve Scheduling Figure 2 gives the period of time graph of PCS in which the C code is supported , which we will use for simulation4. There is a simple structure hat represents the algorithm from the functional and construction. Processes are added one after another in the ready queue and executed in sequential order in time independently by the burst time they have 2.Another study in which based my paper is 1 2 . In this paper Minus Lee explains the problems that appear during scheduling process ,he treats the scheduling process improvement, reducing turnaround time ,waiting time response time and. tally to the 1 2 different applications require different optimization criteria as example batch systems (throughput, turnaround time) , interactive system (response time, fairness, user expectation) . Dry. R. B. Gar in his study 3 explains very clearly idea of scheduling through figures.Others studies that have studied very carefully are 1 , 4 and 6 which h elped me to reach a clearer conclusion of waiting time which is important in batches sister. This simulation will be carried through a C code. After I suck up this simulation and I calculated the time needed for comparison I have describe a way to improve these algorithms by performance. 3. Theory of Experiment Below will give an overview of algorithms for both bidding and operation. This part will be accompanied by tables and figures to make clear how the functionality of these novo algorithms are. 3. F-CIFS OFFS is the simplest algorithm on batch systems as for the building as for the functioning. Policy that uses this algorithm is that FIFO, so the first process which requires CPU takes seen. ice independently by the size of the process Fig. 2 First Come First Serve flow chart Below present the Gaunt diagram for the three processes for which we have calculated average time. 446 sidestep . 1 Process Execution Process Duration Order 0 Arrival Time 7 2 4 3 A scheduler adds on the top of the queue a process who has a short extenuation time and those who have longer extenuation time into the tail of the queue.This requires advanced companionship or assumptions about the time needed to complete the process 1. Fig. 3 Gaunt chart for First Come First Serve As we see from the Gaunt Chart Pl waiting time -O PA waiting time = 20 PA waiting time = 27 The average waiting time =(0+20+7)/3=9 Advantages OFFS Is an algorithm relatively easy to understand and build, choosing of process for execution is very simple, enough to take the first in the queue and also the processes are added at the end of the queues. Fig. Shortest First scheduling Basis for part Of the experiment will be the flow chart. At the flow chart of SF figure 5 is very clear the logic, processes will be executed after they are selected preliminarily. Disadvantages Through put is very low this because the long process want a long time to be executed, this leads to the so-called monopolizing of CPU.

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Political Science 3991 A1 (2) Institutional Role of the State to Make Essay

Political Science 3991 A1 (2) Institutional Role of the rural bea to Make Trade Possible - Essay ExampleThe government of United States played a evidentiary role in the growth of infrastructure as well as technology. The nation undertakes various restrictive as well as social functions for the development of the economy. The state has an important role to play in the market The US government plays a vital role for ensuring the development of its economy. The state ensures that there is a free flow of credit for the development of the groups which are not effectively served. It also undertakes steps to permit an amount of credit for the development of small entrepreneurs and imports as well as exports services. The government or the general nation has also been involved with the tasks of developing the infrastructure as well as technology for the march on of the economy. The revenue collected by the government is transferred among the income classes by the tax system as well as outlays. The government generally pursues a vertical redistribution of income which assists the elder people through the social security programs. The US government influences the economy through its tax collection systems such as charging more taxes on products which are identified to be obsolete. It controls numerous economic activities for the progress of the economy of the country. The nation has played a prodigious part in the development of economy as along with providing social services. ... he state chew over plans as well as undertake steps for the development of economy which will help in enhancing the trade in the global market (Labonte, 2010). The institutional role of the state to make trade potential The US government has undertaken various plans as well as actions for the improvement of economy of the country. The state has follow various steps for ensuring free flow of pecuniary supports for the improvement of the society as well as overall economy. The governme nt has played a vital part towards developing its economy by providing financial support for enhancing exports as well as imports. It made attempts towards the development of small business entrepreneurs for enhancing trade as well as market. The trade practices of the state should be fair as well as high-octane for its enhancement at the international level. The government regulates the financial sectors for free flow of credit for the purpose of providing financial aid to the under developed sectors for improving the economic conditions as well as trade (Stiglitz, 2006). The trade of goods as well as services in between the countries entails numerous lives. Transaction salute is identified to be one such cost and is considered to be a direct cost which is believed to be associated with trade. It is a cost which is charged on the profit earned for the trade of goods as well as services. The transaction cost is classified into three stages of which the first stage is supposed to be contact and signifies that the buyer looks for information astir(predicate) the product of the supplier with the intention to trade. Traders in this stage carry on with exploration of information in relation to the trade that is planned to be performed. In the similar context, transaction cost is believed to be associated with the

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Anatomy of the Blood and Blood Pressure Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Anatomy of the Blood and Blood Pressure - Article ExampleCertain qualities of the arteries ( such as elasticity ) that carry the wrinkle can influence blood nip. The arteries can constrict (due to clogs caused by fat deposits ) which increases the risk for high blood pressure, or it can simply dilate allow blood to draw normally. An irregular blood pressure can be caused by many factors such as stress, need of exercise, posture, and straining. Lack of sleep can contribute to low blood pressure which means that blood is non flowing as expected thereby reducing the energy of the body. On the contrary, high blood pressure causes too strain on other organs of the body that can result in spot or damage and produce metabolic disorders. Blood flow is critical since the blood is important in the distribution of oxygen as well as nutrients to the whole body, however, the key to a healthy surviving is moderation.Think about a time when you or someone you know experienced an imbalance i n one of the special areas identified. What were the results of the imbalance and how did it affect the bodys overall function?The left means chamber is an important part of the circulatory system. This is where the blood is transported back after it has circulated all over the body. When blood pressure increases, there is a high probability that this organ would thicken. When the disembodied spirit cannot accommodate the pressure, its ability to blackmail is impaired resulting in heart failure. According to the American Heart Organization, when Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) happens, the heart cannot pump enough blood to the other organs of the body. One of the major organs affected by this situation are the kidneys. As we all know, Kidneys play an important role in maintaining water and atomic number 11 balance in the body. When CHF happens, blood flows slowly to the kidneys thereby causing blood to back up in the veins.

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Professionalism in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Professionalism in nursing - Essay ExampleThis essay discusses thatTilda Shalof slender all the joys, excitement, challenges, and frustrations that nurses face every day. Nurses are almost always physically exhausted hardly similarly emotionally drained after caring for patient roles with all their skills, modern scientific resources, and a host of former(a) heroic interventions to prolong life but sometimes they question at what cost? The nursing traffic is not what most people believe it to be, something that is as sterile as most of the hospital environments are, but Ms. Shalof showed how nurses can be humorous at times, they can get excited over new patients, be committed to their work, rebellious at times to hospital administration authorities, have a strong instinct of responsibility, and a shared camaraderie despite a busy workload.This discussion stresses thatthe author detailed her another(prenominal)(a) days as a nurse-trainee in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a big metropolitan hospital. There are many new challenges of a nurse working in an ICU than compared to other hospital wards. The nurses there have to be familiar with all the medical slang preferred by the doctors, such as arterial blood gases (ABGs), a multi-system organ failure, a hepatic failure, congestive feeling failure, and all kinds of shocks, like anaphylactic, hypovolemic, or septic shock, for example.Tilda recounted how the son of an old woman patient named Mrs. Templeton wants everything done to and his mother from certain death.... There are many new challenges of a nurse working in an ICU than compared to other hospital wards. The nurses there have to be familiar with all the medical lingo preferred by the doctors, such as arterial blood gases (ABGs), a multi-system organ failure, a hepatic failure, congestive heart failure, and all kinds of shocks, like anaphylactic, hypovolemic, or septic shock, for example (Shalof, 2004, p. 15). The third chapter of her book tell s the reviewer how some patients or their relatives can be quite cruel to the nurses caring for them, not considering or pickings into account all their efforts, time, and energies spent on trying to save their patients. Tilda recounted how the son of an old woman patient named Mrs. Templeton wants everything done to save his mother from certain death. Her case shows the importance of having advance directives concerning future care or a choice of dying in a hospice (Goodnough, 2013, para. 3) and decide on it and not her son. Conclusion Nursing today has many viable theories on the proper role of this part-art and part-science profession. Among these theorists are Jean Watson (carative factors and caring moment), Rosemarie parse ( homophile becoming), Dorothy Johnson (a system model), Lydia Hall (core, cure, and care), Ernestine Weidenbach (as a helping art), Virginia Henderson (assist a patient regain independence), Patricia Benner (from novice to expert), and Martha Rogers (scienc e of unitary human beings). Whatever theory works best, it worth remembering that patients are individuals who appreciate the care, attention, and empathy extended to them by the nursing profession. Final Scholarly Essay (Part 2)

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Do administration times of anti-retro viral therapies affect their Essay

Do administration times of anti-retro viral therapies affect their might - Essay ExampleAlthough none of the studies I found, as stated, were specifically designed to test my hypothesis. The majority the studies, in reading, the test found evidence or results that lead to the theory that timing of drug therapy is vital in the treatment of AIDS. Specific studies in this area would, in my estimation, greatly advance what we know about AIDS, surpass practice methods for treatment, and the possibility for halting its progression.I am a nursing working with AIDS patients. In the daily course of my duties I have seen numerous patients whose treatment plans vary greatly from one single to another. Often the drug therapy methodologies and prescription frequency are contrary to commonly accepted practices and sometimes dispute with pharmaceutical recommendations. As a nurse, my primary goal is to enhance the level of treatment AIDS patients come up and to ensure treatment methods are in the best interest of maintaining the clients health and tone of life. The conflicting treatment methods began to raise questions for me. I began to ask whether the initial implementation of drug therapy had a cultivate impact on the patients longevity and quality of life. There were varying opinions amongst healthcare givers on the best time to begin treatment. Although this is sometimes determined by the time diagnosis of the disease with look upon to the progress of the virus, often times, even with early diagnosis, the decision to begin administering of anti-retro drugs was not uniform.Dr. Jens Lundgren, a physician at the Copenhagen HIV Programme and Dr. Andrew N. Phillips, a professor of epidemiology reported in a British Journal of medication article that had examined the indirect relationship discovered regarding the assessment of the efficacy of anti-HIV drugs. Through analyzing data from various trials they were examining the speciality of various drug treatments. Howe ver, at the conclusion of their research they

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Banking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Banking - Assignment physical exertionConsumer banking is reported as an alternative in the banking sector and investment platform that many investors consider as an option. The article reports consumer credit as a viable investment due to the increasing number of borrowers that try money for different reasons.The report also indicates $880 billion as part of the revolving consumer debt currently accumulated by the population. The most chaseing aspect of the ontogeny is that many people are willing to obtain debt and take over back at very high interest rates with a n average of 15%. Considering the loss rates registered by these kind of facilities and the level of losses involved are very unhopeful as at 2.52% in relation to JP Morgan Chase. Banks consider this a very lucrative opportunity and has taken deep into consumer credit.The advantage that the banks have over the other investors is that they obtain savings from masses that they use for the development of the finances n ecessary for investing into consumer credit. Consumer credit facilities stem in many forms as credit or debit cards, credit facilities for purchase of goods among others. The banks benefit to a greater extent due to their level of interest earned compared to the interest paid to the owners of the savings.Kopp, Carol . Plot Your Escape From the Big Fees of Big Banks., 24 June 2014. Web. 28 Oct. 2014. .Carol Kopp explains more on how to escape the huge fees charged by titanic banks on the different transactions and accounts unfastened by customers. Basic banking services in major banks in the American financial sense. Escaping these banks would help on save more of their money. The hiking of the fees in huge banks has is known to have originated from the 2008 financial crisis from which many banks suffered losses. These banks especially the big ones hiked fees and basic charges on the simple banking

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The New Safety Program Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The New Safety Program - Research Paper utilisationIn this case, the physically challenged and clumsy people would be omitted as well as the illiterate and those that do non observe instruction with an aim of reducing accidents.In order to get employees to act risk-freely at work, the employees should come up with rules to be observed and closely monitor the activities of the employees. Besides this, they should create a cut-off from the employees salaries for insurance in case of such risks at work. To ensure that those who need to wear goggle arrogate them on the owners should ensure their availability and educate the employees on the need for personal protection and safety (Shady, 2007). Owners should rebuke employees that in the case of an accident occurrence, should they fail to observe the safety measures, then they stand to bear the consequences and not the employing firm.Shady, K. (2007). An ergonomic look at facility laundry rooms Kim Shady offers advice on creating a s afe and employee-friendly laundry through ergonomics. Nursing Homes by Kim Shady, Focus on

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CORPORATE RESEARCH PAPER about US airways Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

CORPORATE about US airways - Research Paper ExampleThe caller-ups maximum frequency is between New York, Boston and Washington D.C., where it provides hourly services. In cast to diversify their operations internationally, the US Airlines decided to merge with American Airlines in February 2013. From the research it was found that if the nuclear fusion reaction is successful then it has the potential to create the largest airline in the world in terms of orbicular market access. The deal is expected to close by the end of third quarter this year. The key sh argonholding linguistic rule of the merger is that US Airways would hold 28% stake of merged companion where as the American Airlines go away hold the remaining 72%. It was also decided between the shareholders of both the companies that the merged entity would carry the prenomen and brand of American Airlines and the holding company will be named American Airlines Group Inc. The airline company has reported operating inco me over USD 425 million for the year ending 2011, with net income over USD 71 million. The summarise asset of the company was found to be USD 8.34 billion for the year ending 2011. The subsidiaries of US Airways are Piedmont Airlines, Inc., snort inc., PSA Airlines, Inc., US Airways Express, Material Service Company, Inc., Airways Assurance Limited, LLC, Mesa Air Group, and Potomac Air, Inc. The following table highlights the equipment failure of sales assets and income of US Airways and their involvement in international trades B. Foreign Exchange (FX) Risk Management insurance The company is centrally managed and the management actively participates in corporate governance. The company also has many subsidiaries that are located in the domestic market as well as the international markets. The subsidiaries of US Airways are Piedmont Airlines, Inc., Shuttle inc., PSA Airlines, Inc., US Airways Express, Material Service Company, Inc., Airways Assurance Limited, LLC, Mesa Air Group , and Potomac Air, Inc. In line of battle to maintain accountability between various divisions, the Board of Directors is represented by the chairman of the company who is the around important individual regarding execution of strategic decisions taken by the Board. The chairman of the company is assisted by vice chairman and many professionals belong to different areas of expertise such as the Finance committee, restriction committee, and so on. The parent company of US Airways is the US Airways Group which is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, United States. The company operates in Aviation sector which requires fuel consumption. The underlying of fuel is the crude oil worths that are very fickle and uncertain. This exposes the company to transactional risk. Also, the company has prominent exposure in international markets which implies that US Airways operates in different currencies. any(prenominal) appreciation or depreciation of home currency with respect to foreign curren cy may reverse out to be favorable or unfavorable, ultimately exposing the company to translational risk when the company would arise its consolidated financial statements from collecting data from different subsidiaries (Triantis, pp.558-562). In order to manage these risks the company employ currency hedge and forward contracts prior to the year 2008 and reported them in their consolidated financial reports utilize hedge accounting at fair value of hedged assets and liabilities. C. Use of Derivatives for Funding, Investing and Other price Risk After the third quarter of 2008, US

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Money Transactions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Money Transactions - Essay ExampleWhile focusing specifically on the proceedings adopt of bills, this paper is aimed at examining the relationship between the following rate and gold motivation in the context of a general assumption held by the financial experts that the legal proceeding take in for money may be interest elastic. In this regard the issues related with the interest elasticity of transactions demand for money are discussed to have deep agreementableness of the issue.In order to find come forth the evidences about the interest elasticity of the transactions demand for money it is imperative to have deep understanding of the concept of transactions demand for money and its relationship with interest rate within a food market. The transactions demand for money could be denoted by M or Lt that refers to the volume of money that is required to hit the financial expenditures. The par of exchange is a crucial element for the transactions demand of money. Accordi ng to the equation of exchange M * v = P * Y. In this equation the Lt or M stands for the transactions demand for money, v is the velocity of the money, P refers to the GDP deflator whereas Y represents the real income.The relationship between the transactions demand fo... ionship between the transactions demand for money and the interest rate possesses great authoritative from the perspective that states that on that point is a pressure to economize on ones transactional case balance and this pressure is originated from the rate of interest. The carriers of the transactions money used to buy bonds and also pay fee and brokerage services and as a consequence they expect high return on their money due to interest rate. In a market the higher is the interest, the more people get as a final return for their money. Due to this reason most of the households use the transaction money to get benefit from the high place of interest and for this decide they make investments in bonds etc . (Nouriel Backus, p6, 1998)The relationship between transaction money demand and interest rates has been a major concern for the economists for a long period of time. The transactions demand is believed to be interest elastic because the interest rate and the transactions demand are closely linked with each other. The bearer of the cash strived to take maximum benefit from the money he holds and in such situation the proportion balance of money is held. In the transactions demand of money the holder has to deal with the Marginal address as well as with the Marginal revenues. The marginal cost is the interest that has to be certainly compensable by the holder and the marginal revenue is the psychological interest rate that is earned by the holder of money due to overcoming the worries that he might face about non having cash money in hand. It is believed by he economists that the more income a person earns, the more cash he might holds and more he became in a position to afford t he loss of interest (Robert, p2, 2007).There are two important implications associated with interest